Bourbon Street Marketing Sales Funnel

When was the last time you took a step back and looked at how your funnel is (or isn’t) working for you?

Example Sales Funnel Bourbon Street MarketingHello Sales Funnel! Hands up, who know what a Sales Funnel is and how it relates to their business? Don’t worry if you don’t, that’s where Bourbon Street Marketing can help.

It all starts with driving awareness.

Brand awareness is something we all aspire to have. When someone says lead generation, we want our beautiful branding and quirky personality to be the first thing they think of. If you are looking at buying a new car, VW, Audi, Ford, and Volvo all want you to think of them first, and with that, they want to be synonymous with quality, affordability, style, comfort, etc. So what are you doing to drive your brand awareness? And when customers (old, new, or potential) see your brand, what do they think? But basically, at this stage, you are attempting to engage with a large volume of customers. You want them to understand what your brand is about and how you can help them. And you want to hook them, to spark their interest.

In this stage, your customers have warmed up from a cold (almost frozen) lead to room temperature. They are interested, they want to know more, they want to hear what others say, they want to know how your product can help them, how much will it cost and what is the benefit of choosing you over the competition down the road. It’s at this stage that your value proposition really is important, as if you get that right, it will help to drive your lead to make the Decision to pick you.

At the Decision stage, they have made up their mind, winner! They have decided to pick you. But we can’t stop there, because this is possibly the most delicate of stages. Now they have made the decision, it comes down to how easy it is for them to go from lead to customer. Can they checkout on your website? If so, how super simple is it? Is your website optimised for a mobile experience or is it stuck in the OO’s? If they have a question, where can they find the answer? Is it via a live chat or Frequently Asked Question section? What happens if they want to come and see you, can they easily find you? You have several decisions to make about how you will best drive your leads through the decision stage to allow them to take the Action you want.

And finally, is action. What is the conversion you ideally want? Check out online via eCommerce? Bookings in person? Sign-up to find out more? Depending on the purpose of your business, the desired action will change. But one thing that is for certain, is you want them to take the action as quickly and with as much ease as possible.

As at the end of the funnel, those thousands of possible customers have become a smaller number of shiny new customers, who, if cultivated appropriately, could be worth their weight in gold to you and your business. Ready to start mining?


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