Good Social Media Management canbuild your brandengage with existing customersgenerate leads for your business

Worldwide, there are around 3.2 billion social media users, and 95% of businesses using Facebook for business purposes. So the question is, are you social?

Social media is arguably one of the most valuable marketing tactics at your disposal. A great way to build your brand, promote customer loyalty, whilst also generating leads, what is there not to love? We have seen an explosion in the usage of social media over the past few years, as more and more consumers are turning to social media to interact with a brand in real-time. Social media is a great way to reach both B2B and B2C audiences of varying ages – so not matter what your business, the chances are, if you’re not on social media, you are missing out.

So what Social Media Management?

Social media channels vary significantly, and there are new ones springing up all the time. But here at Bourbon Street, we tend to advocate using the big three (and we aren’t talking animals here). By that, we mean Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Don’t mistake us, our nerds can still support with the management of other platforms, but with 13.7 million Twitter users in the UK alone, and 93% of adults aged between 25-24 having their own Facebook profile, you can see why we recommend these. Our management solution works to the level you need us to. We can manage everything or just part of your social media. The choice is, as they say, yours.

% feel more confident about a brand after messaging on Facebook
Source: Facebook
million people can be reached via advertising on Twitter
Source: Twitter
% of B2B companies use LinkedIn to communicate with their audiences
Source: LinkedIn
% of social selling leaders are likely to hit target
Source: HubSpot

Your Social Media solution…

Like everything else, your social media presence needs to have a purpose. Companies who create accounts and then don’t manage them very well as they haven’t scoped out their key messages, audiences and purpose will likely be missing the mark and seeing very little ROI from their efforts. But that being said, the purpose will vary, so don’t be afraid to take the time to really consider WHY you feel social media will benefit your brand, HOW it can help you and WHICH platforms you will use. When it comes to social media, we say it’s quality over quantity all the way.

Brand awareness

Growing your brand by growing your social media presence is almost a no brainer right? Get people interacting with your content, talking to their friends and family, and your brand, and then in turn get them following you too…yes, please!

Social Selling

Hooking your potential customers with the likes of an industry-related White Paper, or some Top-Tips delivered right to them using paid social media targeting is a great way to start the conversation without the need for an aggressive sales approach. In fact, HubSpot report that Facebook and Google Search provide the greatest ROI when it comes to social selling.

Lead generation

Setting up paid social media campaigns that use lead generation forms on the likes of Facebook or LinkedIn can be a great way to boost your sales function and drive up revenue. You may also consider other paid advertising options such as targeted InMail on LinkedIn.

Taking an integrated approach

Social media is a defining thread of your marketing. It should connect with your Customer Relationship Management System to capture leads, can work alongside some killer automations, but can also support the likes of Search Engine Optimisation to helping to drive traffic to your website but also featuring some of those lovely juicy keywords and phrases that we know Google loves to associate with your brand! Social media really is golden!

Take a social approach and let your marketing communicate together, by captivating on the data and leads

But don’t worry, we’ll never leave you high and dry. Our team are all experienced professionals and are here for you. And if we don’t have the answer, we’ll work our network until we do.

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Search Engine Marketing

Drive traffic to your website from social media using keywords and phrases that we know your customers are searching with – with a strategy like that, the Google Bots will go wild!
Customer Relationship Management Systems build and customisation

Customer Relationship Management Systems

Once you have sent the campaign, where will you track your leads to and evaluate its effectiveness? That’s where a Customer Relationship Management System is key!