For those who are looking to see results from their email marketing, and fast

‘Email marketing managed’ is the easiest way to look at this package. Because just as it suggests, we’ll manage all elements of the set-up and process, and just send you the leads.

The Bourbon Street hands-on email management solution includes all elements of the set-up and integrations. Our nerds will build, test, and send specific, targeted campaigns through customised automations. This little gem of a package will not only support your brand management, but it might just be the best lead generation tool you have ever put to work!

Email marketing: Set-up, integration and management

£249 / Per day
Package includes
  • Set-up and integration of chosen email platforms
  • Automations created and tested
  • Campaigns created and tested
  • Data segmented
  • Campaigns sent, monitored and evaluated for ROI
Andy is an exceptional marketer and has provided a top class service to us. He has integrated seamlessly into the team and constantly exceeds every single KPI bestowed upon him. His ability to generate leads is second to none, and their sheer volume and quality never ceases to amaze me. I cannot recommend Andy enough and would simply say we are lucky to be working with him.

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