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From prospects to hot leads, we can work with you and your Sales Team to target, nurture and then convert leads, boosting your bottom line!

Every business needs customers to survive. Some already have a massive database of past customers who can be re-engaged with, others need to look at ways to drive new business. Whatever your current situation, the need to generate leads doesn’t change. In fact, we’d argue, that the need for lead generation tactics is vital to growing your business. Here’s why…

% of businesses believe email is one of their most effective lead generation channels
Source: Circle Research
% of B2B leads generated through social media coming from LinkedIn
Source: Oktopost
X more prospects via content marketing compared to outbound marketing
Source: Demand Metric
% increase in article traffic when a great headline is used
Source: Wired

Building and then utilising your Lead Generation Funnel

Whether you are new to lead generation or a seasoned pro, it’s always good to review and evaluate your existing funnel to see if it is still applicable to your customers and business.


Understand your customer’s journey, after all, how can effectively market to them if you don’t know what they are looking for, how they look and any issues they encounter. Quantitative and qualitative tools should be used for maximum effect.

Content creation

Creating great content is easier than it sounds! You need to consider which audience segmentation you are targeting, what they may want/need, the platform you will be using, and key messages you wish to articulate. Forbes reports that a whopping 90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions, so picking your type of content is key!

Drive traffic

Pick your tactic carefully! Email marketing? Paid adverts? Organic search? Awario report that social selling (on the likes of LinkedIn) can boost a company’s ROI by 199% for example. So pick your tactic carefully for maximum effect.

Collect and Close

This is where your Customer Relationship Management System will be key as it will allow you to track, measure, and evaluate your lead generation efforts and the subsequent follow-up activities of your Sales Team.

Optimise your lead generation, for maximum effect

There are a few things that you can do to ensure you optimise and maximise your lead generation efforts. Every business will be different so we will discuss these with you as part of this process, but a few things to consider are…

  • What tools are at your disposal? We don’t mean actual tools, but there are many ways that you can gather more insights or help automate some activities that will help you understand your customer behaviour and foster conversions.
  • Quantify your leads as sadly, they aren’t all created equal. It may be that some sources yield a higher ROI, or half the campaign went to customers who had used your services in the past. Be sure to take the time to quantify them so as not to over inflate your sales pipeline but also ensure the follow-up is appropriate.
  • Evaluate and experiment. Whilst it’s great to see the leads coming in, are they quality leads? Do they convert? Is the target audience correct? The beauty of a lot of lead generation tactics is that they can be targeted, which also means that this targeting can be tweaked and enhanced.

Like the process flows we love so much, your lead generation will flow into other things…

Whether you want to ensure maximum visibility of your leads, or would like some help actually getting the phones ringing and inboxes pinging, we can help.

Customer Relationship Management Systems build and customisation

Customer Relationship Management Systems

Connect the (customer dots). Track the effectiveness of your marketing activities, manage your Sales Team impact and understand your true customer value with a powerful CRM.
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Email marketing

From email marketing to paid social media, once we know who your audience is and where they are, we can get to work communicating with them about your service/product.