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Got the knowledge but not the system? Or has your existing CRM seen better days? Don’t despair, the BSM nerds are here!

You may have a system in place but is it giving you the information you need? Is it easy for your teams to use? We’ve helped 5 businesses in the last 6 months to re-customise their existing CRM, to help them understand and access their own business history data. This has included building dashboard reports for drive operational/management strategy and setting team level permissions so they can get instant access to the data and metrics that they need.

By taking the time to re-align your CRM to reflect changes within your business or to your customer journey, managers can make sense and spot trend changes both internally and externally. So you can sit back, enjoy some banana bread, and focus on driving your business forward with systems that do most of the hard work for you!


£395 / per day
Package includes
  • Agree the enhancements you wish to make
  • Confirm the budget and timeframes
  • Our nerds do their thing
  • Review, sign-off and training of your teams
Andy has built numerous CRMs for our Group over the past few months, each customised to varying degrees. What's brilliant about BSM is their understanding of the broader marketing and sales processes, so take a top-level view of this and then build systems that help support these functions and improve our customer data.
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