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Google Ads converts up to 50% better compared to organic search results. What’s not to love?

We have lost count of the number of times our team of nerds has been asked “How do I get to the top of Google?” Now, whilst we wish there was a super simple, one-word answer to that question, we’re afraid it isn’t quite that simple. However, Google Ads is a great place to start if you are looking for results and quick, and have the budget to put behind it.

So what is it?

In short, Google Ads is bidding to get to the top of a search engine such as Google (obviously there are others but Google is the big daddy) for certain keywords relating to your product or service. So if it was us, we’d be bidding for things like ‘lead generation marketing companies’ or ‘digital marketing agencies Cheshire.’ We wouldn’t be bidding for key phrases such as ‘digital marketing agencies London’ as whilst one day we’d love to cover with the many digital marketing agencies in London, right now we aren’t actively looking to work with clients in London and probably wouldn’t have the budget to complete with some of these big boys. So instead, we’d probably add that as a negative keyword at this stage.

Google Ad campaigns that get your brand in front of your target audience

Power Traffick reports that Google Ads is one of the most efficient means of advertising at your disposal due to the high return on investment you can expect from your ad spend. Now, before you all rush to do something great and sign up  (although we’d love it if you did), let us just give you a couple of disclaimers. One, if you only have a small budget, you aren’t going to see huge results, especially if your cost per click is quite high. Second, if your product/service is super niche and no one is really searching for it, again, you won’t see amazing results. Now we don’t want to do ourselves out of a job, as Google Ads can help many, but we wouldn’t be true to our values if we weren’t open about that. So how can Google Ads work for you?

Promote your business

Complete against your competitors

Support your SEO

Drive enquiries

Incorporate your Google Ads into your Digital Marketing Strategy and enjoy the results

We always advocate using Google Ads as part of a wider digital marketing strategy, that way, you can fully evaluate its effectiveness but also ensures your business doesn’t become too reliant on this tactic. By making sure your Google Ads key words support your SEO for example, eventually, you won’t have to keep bidding for those keywords as your site will rank well organically. At this stage, you can use your Google Ads budget for a broader campaign. So a win, win yes? Our nerds can discuss with you the ways that you can use Google Ads to maximum effect. Ready to talk?

They say that two heads are better the one, well multiple digital marketing tactics are also better than one…

But don’t worry, we’ll never leave you high and dry. Our team are all experienced professionals and are here for you. And if we don’t have the answer, we’ll work our network until we do.

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