Customer Journey & Data Mapping underpins all other activities, as it tells you who does what, where, and how.

Every business is built on customers, but who are yours? What is their journey and how can you improve efficiencies in customer attraction, conversion, and retention to convert new and encourage repeat business? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, Customer Journey & Data Mapping can help!

It’s okay if you don’t know where to start, that’s where our team comes in. The Bourbon Street Marketing nerds will map out your customer journey and connect this to the data journey, highlighting potential improvements through automated communications via your CRM and third-party software.

We will produce for you a beautifully visual process flow that easily shows the various processes your customer and data goes through, what systems it interacts with, and highlight where automations could take your activity from zero to hero. After all, we aren’t about replacing your teams or undoing their hard work, just helping to make sure they focus on their KPIs and not the boring admin stuff!

By the end, you will understand the communication touchpoints and have the knowledge to work more seamlessly to boost your customer journey, and your bottom line! Now, who wouldn’t say yes to that!


Package includes
  • Fact finding meeting
  • Customer and data mapping magic takes place
  • Process flow produced and reviewed with you
  • Great Scot! You are ready to super charge your sales and marketing (and yes, we can help with that too if you would like us to)
Andy has built numerous CRMs for our Group over the past few months, each customised to varying degrees. What's brilliant about BSM is their understanding of the broader marketing and sales processes, so take a top-level view of this and then build systems that help support these functions and improve our customer data.
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