Customer and data mapping helps you to...Understand your customer journeyConnect the data dotsBoost your bottom line!

Customer and data mapping that drives your marketing and helps to smash your sales

No two customer journeys are the same. Depending on the size of your business, you will have various customer and data journeys, so it’s important to take the time for customer and data mapping. But don’t despair, we can help to shine the light on this for you and create individual journeys!

Quite often, businesses treat all customers the same, but if you take the time to understand what your customer looks like, you’ll see a boost in conversions (that’s a fact!). By customer and data mapping, you will help to boost your marketing and sales processes. Boosting your lead conversions but also driving repeat business. That’s a whole lot of boosting!







Connect your data dots

Time to own up, are you reading this and are, like many others, guilty of having data stored in spreadsheets? Do you have this saved in multiple locations? The questions to ask is yourself are;

  1. How connected is your company/client data? Are you able to see the full picture from one vantage point?
  2. Are you reporting and building strategies around complete data or is there still a lot of guesswork?

A data-driven approach to customer journey mapping is the key to success. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of decision-making based on gut-feeling, so let us take the guesswork out of the process and work with you to connect your data dots (we promise it’ll draw a beautiful business picture!)

  1. Visualize customer motivations, drivers, and pain points
  2. Create cross-team alignment around the business
  3. Remove internal silos and clarify areas of ownership
  4. Make improvements and increase revenue, increase retain customers, increase client conversions……

Did you know?

% increase in marketing ROI with Customer Journey Mapping*
% upsell revenue increase with Customer Journey Mapping*
% who have 'excellent' customer experience are 'likely' to repurchase from the same company
*Stats from salesdriver.io

Aim, fire, bullseye!

Your customer personas can be used in a wide variety of ways including on your website, email marketing, marketing literature, by your Sales team or in your paid advertising (it really is priceless information to have). By having this knowledge at your fingertips, and the bow in your hand, you will have the all the tools and knowledge you need!