Automating communication can help tosave you time and moneyimprove your customer experienceboost your sales pipeline

Automations – not just for your marketing communications, think of the bigger picture!

Gone are the days when we need to manually press the send button, or remember to send that onboarding email. Customers expect to be kept in the loop, informed and most importantly valued. That can be pretty time consuming though, especially for growing businesses who don’t want to commit to a great head-count, but don’t despair automating communication is the answer and we have the knowledge!

Automation is about;

  • Using data and insights to keep your audiences engaged and informed throughout their journey with your business
  • Utilising technology to help convert an audience member into a customer and then building their loyalty, so they become your biggest brand ambassadors
  • Saving you valuable time and money, and boosting the value of a customer to your business

Delivering the right message at the right time allows for hundreds of personalised journeys to be formed, which are all based on how and when they engage with you. It’s about delivering highly personalised, meaningful content that makes your sales and marketing process so much more effective.

Automating communications can be as easy, as 1, 2, 3, 4 with Bourbon Street!

We’re not going to lie, setting-up automations using 3rd party software and integrating systems puts the biggest smile on the faces of our nerds. Mainly because they are so effective! In fact, Hubspot report that a massive 68% of businesses use automation in some way, which shows how popular they are! Once they are set-up and tested, businesses can sit back and, watch the data flow and leads convert. But don’t think that they are just for outbound marketing activities, no-no-no. Automations are also a great way to communicate with your customers at various stages of their journey. So much so that in 2017, Liana Technologies reported that 70% of companies felt that customer communication was the most important benefit of automations! And with Bourbon Street Marketing, the process is so straight forward, you could put a ruler on it!

Develop the message

Set up the systems

Establish the Automations

Increase the ROI

How can automations work for you?

  • Automating communications across marketing, sales and operations allow you to be more efficient and increase revenue while reducing costs.
  • Think about your business efficiencies and where you can boost your bottom line! How much time do you think you could save yourself and your team if multiple workflow processes are automated?
  • Think about your customers. How do you think this will increase traffic to inquiry or inquiry to sale? Yes you’re right your cost per conversion will go down and the lead quality score go up!